John J. Morgan and David R. White founded MorganWhiteGroup, Inc. in 1987. The business started out primarily focusing on payroll deduction supplemental insurance products. That first company of the group, Morgan-White, Ltd., which has now been divided into two companies, was and is the largest of the group's revenue producers.

Johnny Morgan and David White

In 1990, Mississippi Risk Management, Inc. (now Morgan-White Underwriters, Inc.), was founded as the group's property and casualty agency. This company began as a manager for self-funded worker's compensation groups. Today MWU serves specialty risks for E&O markets.

In 1992, Morgan-White Administrators International, Inc. began to administer major medical policies for insurers in Latin America. Prior to that time, the policies were administered by outside subcontractors. Today MWAII, which is located in Miami, Florida, is recognized as one of the most efficient and trusted third-party administrators in the International medical insurance field.

Morgan-White Administrators, Inc., the domestic third-party administrator for the group, was founded in 1997 and is now licensed or approved to do business in all 50 states and the U.S. Virgin Island and Puerto Rico. MWA presently has contracts for administration with over 50 different U.S. insurers and an emphasis on consolidated billing, policy issuance and collection of premiums.

All of the operating companies of MorganWhiteGroup were purchased by Marshall Rattner, Inc. of Mount Kisco, New York, in April of 2000. Marshall Rattner, Inc.'s main operating company, Professional Indemnity Agency, is a well known underwriting manager of specialized insurance products.

Late in 2001, MRI was purchased by Houston Casualty Company, a large publicly traded, insurance company holding company. Johnny Morgan and David White were given the opportunity to purchase the MorganWhite operating companies again. They took the opportunity to buy back the companies they founded, and this purchase was made by MorganWhiteGroup, Inc. which is now the holding company for all of the MorganWhite operating companies.

In January of 2002, Morgan-White Reinsurance Intermediaries, Inc. was formed. With reinsurance markets in turmoil since the events of September 11, 2001, MorganWhite felt it could help insurance companies solve their reinsurance needs by contributing their vast experience gained through working with the world’s top reinsurers.

In 2005, Morgan-White Group's Board of Directors made the decision to divide Morgan-White, Ltd., the group’s oldest corporation, into two new entities. MWG Benefits, Inc. was the name given to the agency and direct sales division of the company. MWG Benefits has become one of the premier employee benefits agencies in Mississippi and surrounding states with offices in Greenville, Jackson and Oxford, Mississippi (See "For Employers"). MWG Broker Services was the name given to the brokerage division. This new company markets proprietary products developed by MWG with some of the top insurance companies in the country (See "For Brokers").

In 2006, Morgan-White Group, Inc. recognized the need for a senior products division and formed our senior benefits agency, MWG Senior Healthcare, Inc. With baby boomers all coming to age 65 in the next ten years, the company believes this agency will come to represent a large revenue producer for MWG.

On March 7, 2007, MorganWhiteGroup, Inc. moved into its new headquarters building at 5722 I-55 North Frontage Road, In Jackson, Mississippi, to a new home office location on Interstate I-55 Frontage Road in Jackson. This new building has been equipped with the state of the art technology for insurance services and administration. At the same time, MWG Benefits, Inc. moved into its new home office building next door to MWG at 5712 I-55 North Frontage Road in Jackson. We are excited about these two new facilities and their ability to enhance the services MorganWhiteGroup and MWG Benefits can provide to their customers.

2008 was a record year for MorganWhiteGroup. New products were introduced including the new Insurance New dental and supplemental medical products were also introduced and well received by the market. Each of these new products will enhance the lives of our customers by giving them choices in insurance not before offered available. All of these products meet our company's guiding principle of " find a market that is either under-served or not served at all and design a product to fit that market.”

Also, 2008 MorganWhiteGroup was selected by Goldline Research as one of The Ten Most Dependable Insurance Professionals of the Central United States. This selection was featured in the August 11, 2008 edition of Forbes magazine.

Morgan-White Group, Inc. looks forward to the challenge of solving customers’ medical, dental and vision insurance needs today and in the future. MWG is committed to making the investment in technology, equipment, and personnel to provide our customers with the latest and most up to date tools necessary to solve their insurance needs.

The future is very bright at Morgan-White Group!!

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